La Chimica nel MonolocaleTab Edizioni

Book focused on the everyday life chemistry in our apartment, among kitchen, bathroom and living/bedroom… 60 tales that will let you appreciate and use the chemistry around you. (Buy a copy)

Radio interview on Radio Cusano Campus. (Listen to the Podcast)

La Chimica CoattaMomo Edizioni

Book focused on the Periodic Table of the Elements, written through the use of “roman” language. (Buy a copy)


La Banda dei FuoriclasseRAI Gulp @RaiPlay

Invited to talk about sweat, biosensors and research at Uninanobiosensors. You can watch the entire episode. (Have a look)

Winter Lecture @streaming on YouTube. January 22

Theatre meets Chemistry! Organized by Dissemination of Chemical Culture Group of Società Chimica Italiana (board member). (Have a look)


TV Show – La scienza dietro l’eccellenza

In collaboration with Radio Cusano Italia TV (264 DTT channel). We talk about food excellence in Italy, focusing on nutritional characteristics, science, history, commercial labels and curiosity. After this, Gabriele Cordaro (Executive Chef at Hotel Valadier in Rome) shows us how to make a wonderful dish with the selected food excellence. 

Follow on TV biweekly, Channel 264 DTT (Friday morning at 11:40 CET) or check what we did on YouTube. (Have a look)

Spritz & SCIence @Streaming on YouTube. May 28

Round Table organized by Young Group of Società Chimica Italiana (analytical chemistry coordinator), to talk about research around COVID-19 and future outlooks. (Have a look)


SCI*C – Scuola in Comunicazione della Chimica @Hotel Ambasciatori, Rimini. November 24-25

School focused on dissemination and communication of chemical sciences. Organized by Dissemination of Chemical Culture Group of Società Chimica Italiana (board member) (Have a look)

Futuro Remoto 2019- ESSERE 4.0:  Storie di rivoluzioni e tecnologia, da Leonardo da Vinci ad oggi @Città della Scienza, Napoli. November 21-24.

Interactive laboratory on electrochemical (bio)sensors and printing

Title: Human 4.0 in 4 words: miniaturization, easiness, diagnostics and sustainability (L’Essere 4.0 in 4 parole: miniaturizzazione, semplicità, diagnostica e sostenibilità) (Have a look)

Atelier della SaluteEsperienze, Percorsi, Soluzioni per Vivere… Meglio! @Policlinico Federico II, Napoli. October 18-19

Workshop focused on Environment, water and climate.

Title: Biosensors: a lab in a hand (Biosensori: il laboratorio in una mano) (Have a look)